Nonocima Fashion Show

Kumamoto Japan

Pojangmacha Project

This stage was designed for Nonicima fashion show in Kumamoto, Japan, organized by Nonocima Gakuen (facility for the handicapped) with Kumamoto art navi. The event invited people from different media such as fashion designer, artists and handicapped in order to approach design process in various point of view. For stage, catwalk was designed by painted floor because any height level gap was no allowed for handicapped, which actually created ambiguous boundaries between models and visitors. 7 wooden revolving doors were placed on the catwalk, and models walk through as if they walk in the forest. Stained-glass windows, which were made by handicapped, were fit into wooden frames, and it casted different color of shadow by people moving t he doors. The intention of fashion show was to bridge the gap between healthy person and handicapped through power of design, and seeks possibilities that handicapped people could more easily engage with society.




主催 :
共催 :
協賛 :
県民百貨店, 熊本美少女図鑑, 氷川学園, アサヒビール
Fashion Design :
Sho Doi
Space Design :
Taebeom Kim
Construction :
Kaku & Ryo Morimoto
Fashion Models :
野々島学園, 熊本美少女図鑑, 氷川学園 より
Photographer :
Juri Nishihara

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