Pojangmacha Project

Niigata Japan

Pojangmacha Project

Pojangmacha, is a mobile kitchen machine that is commonly found scattered around Korean streets, acting as small independent vessels that operate somewhere between a restaurant and a bar. They are part of the invisible fabric of the city and form an integral part of Korean street life. They are typically divided into two forms, the wagons that operate during the day, serving a vast array of fried and traditional dishes and the night wagons with their plastic skirts and dodgy light fittings that act as mobile korean pubs.

Pojyanmachas today represent an alternative way to understand the city. We live in a time when most of the city’s existing fabric is more often than not erased and demolished to make way to new, large urban projects which simply dilute the city of its original DNA. Pojyanmacha for us is a tool to allows us to understand the city from a micro perspective, where intimacy, routines, daily life form the core of modern dwelling in a metropolis.

Our project does not seek to reinvent the Pojyanmacha or even rebrand this traditional urban artifact; rather by analyzing its "modus preradi" we want to fabricate a new form of micro architecture, that transforms the way we concieve buildings and vessels can adapt to the city. Micro architecture in our view has the power to act a sort of urban acupuncture, treating the ailments of the city not by surgically removing organs (buildings) but by relieving its stresses via precise interventions.

Pojyanmacha operate within the forgotten corners of the city, in the interstices that normally we don't associate with any useful programme, this combined with their 100% practical and functional architecture results in a beautifully and poetic composition that recaptures the lost human scale of the city.
This project seeks to explore this poetic tension.



Designers :
Taebeom Kim & Taeho Kim
Project Team :
Eloquence Magazine (Jeon Woochi, Udo Lee, Anna), Jeon Jiho
Special thanks :
:: Event 2011.12.23 (Itaewon) & 2012.03.03 (Mullae)
Inhan Kim, Maria Kim, Stephanie han, Yeri Kim, Okkyung Lim, Soyoon Park, Kyeongeun Lee, Hyunjoo Sung, Jiwon Kim, Jaea Lee, Eunji Park, Keimyung University
:: Event 2012.04.21 (Platoon kunsthalle, Seoul)
Inhan Kim, Seukhoon Kim, Soonkyu Jang, Hyunsoo Kim, Sookmyung Women's University Design Students

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