Urban Research

Seoul Korea

Urban Research

This is urban research for collecting urban objects (A. Mermaid architecture B. Drifting objects C. Isolating objects).
City is collection of various objects and always in progress.
Our interests lie in notion of contrast between old and new, object and landscape, technology and artifact, emergence and erasure. Intention here is to examine accidental urban condition and to learn from existing typology. This research particularly focuses on objects which are not designed by architects or designer, or rather finding objects that accidentally assembled, merged or removed using local materials by non-professionals. Our life is consisted by full of objects such as vehicles, furniture, machineries and infrastructure which position themselves between human and architecture scale. Although architecture represents figure of city, programme, event or spatial usage are often determined by objects, and metabolizing internal urban condition. Even though those objects are never considered as a part of architectural design process and left behind the urban development, we look at them as significant elements for internal urban transformation.

Is there any way we can view the city from our daily life objects ?
Is it possible to draw city without architecture ?
How can we design & develop city from our daily perspective view ?



Dream team :
Taebeom Kim with 수현, 유은, 주은, Yejin, Eunsung

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